Air Plant Care: How To Care For Tillandsias

Did you know? There are over 600 different species of air plants (Tillandsia) growing in many parts of the planet? The majority of air plants live in humid and warm climates like rainforests. You can usually find them growing in trees or even rocks in Central and South America, Florida, Air Plants are plants that … Continue reading Air Plant Care: How To Care For Tillandsias

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Marimo Moss Ball Care Guide

Marimo Moss Balls once known for only living in aquariums or cold lakes, now they are getting more known for keeping them in jars at home. They are actually not moss nor a plant but they are a kind of algae called Aegagropila linnaei. They are one of my favorites because they are very easy … Continue reading Marimo Moss Ball Care Guide

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Quick guide to Kokedamas

Literally meaning moss ball in Japanese, kokedamas are a world to discover. These joyful and interesting looking arrangements started as an alternative for bonsai, being called the “poor man’s bonsai”. They are low maintenance in comparison to a bonsai and more of an indoor addition than outdoor, like a bonsai. Kokedamas grabbed my complete attention … Continue reading Quick guide to Kokedamas

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