Air Plant Care: How To Care For Tillandsias

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Tillandsia Xerographica

Did you know?

There are over 600 different species of air plants (Tillandsia) growing in many parts of the planet?

The majority of air plants live in humid and warm climates like rainforests. You can usually find them growing in trees or even rocks in Central and South America, Florida,

Air Plants are plants that do not require soil to survive since they are epiphytes. Tillandsias attach their roots to rocks or trees and they get their nutrients from water and air. These plants can also be glued or placed in different arrangements at home and live happily without ever having to pot them.

Plant Care

One of the most common mistake I have seen when caring for these plants, is not enough water or light. Sometimes they can even be mistaken for decorative (fake) plants. But Air Plants are humidity and light lovers.

Tillandsias are the most amazing plants, that are extremely resilient and easy to have at home, but they do grow a bit differently than other indoor plants. The following tips are some simple steps you can follow to start your Air Plant Journey.

air plant
  • Tillandsias need humidity to thrive, so regular misting or a weekly bath will do the trick to keep it happy.
  • Air plants don’t need soil to live so you can pretty much keep them on top of any surface. Easy !
  • They love bright indirect light, they can have some sun but too much may burn them.
  • Protect them from very cold vents, windows or frost.
  • For watering you will need to submerge the plant in water for about 1 hour every two weeks. If it is a larger air plant, submerge and dry upside down.
  • If you home is not dry or you live in an area with more humidity, you can get away without the bath and only misting them a few times a week.
  • Reduce the water during winter.
  • Use fertilizer by misting the mix to the plant. Get some fertilizer here!

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