Marimo Moss Ball Care Guide

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Marimo Moss Balls once known for only living in aquariums or cold lakes, now they are getting more known for keeping them in jars at home. They are actually not moss nor a plant but they are a kind of algae called Aegagropila linnaei. They are one of my favorites because they are very easy to keep and make them thrive.

Marimo, comes from a Japanese words meaning “Seaweed Ball” . Their natural habitats are cold lakes in Japan, Australia and some places in Europe where they can be found in some protected areas. Some of the ones in their natural habitat can be massive and live for 100 years or even more!

They also come with a romantic love legend about how they were created. The legend is about two lovers who wanted to be together but their love was not possible and forbidden. Because of this, they decided to fall into the water, and their hearts became Marimo balls. That is why they are considered a symbol of everlasting love. Talk about a great romantic gift!

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Marimo moss ball care is quite simple. If you are wondering what to do with them once you get one, here is a simple guide to follow.

marimo care by Rule of Green Thumb

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