Sky Planters: The smart hanging planter

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sky planter self watering planter

The brand Boskke has created a new decor element with nature and sustainability in mind. Boskke is derived from the old English word ‘bosky’ which means ‘a small forest’ — and that’s exactly what you can create with their eco-sensitive designs.

What is a Sky Planter?

They are a new take on the traditional potted plant. It allows homes and workplaces to grow plants in the least-used spaces — the one above our heads!

Either mounted on the wall or hung from the ceiling, plants will continue to grow towards the light, creating an airy, visually stunning display of greenery and purifying the air. 

The soil and plant are held in place with a locking disc and mesh. Once hung, the soil compacts above the mesh, so it can’t fall out. The unique ‘Slo-flo’ ceramic reservoir sits at the top of the planter, through which water is added and gradually diffuses into the soil, reaching the roots directly and limiting the amount of dripping and evaporation that would occur in a standard pot. 

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