How to use your new Sky Planter Self Watering System

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You have a new hanging planter, now what do you do? In this post we will teach you how easy it is to plant and install your Sky Planter.

This plant has a slow release innovative watering system that can last up to two weeks. So no hassle, dirt or wet floors when you are watering!

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Open your box and get the bag with hanging materials, the mesh cover and remove the topper.

Pick your favorite plant that could fit your new planter and plant it with your favorite potting soil mix.

Once your plant is ready, add the mesh cover so the soil doesn’t spill.

Add the topper.

Flip and check that the mesh and topper are properly secured.

Hang and water from the top until full. The planter should keep your plant watered for about 2 weeks.

Check out our new hanging self watering planters here!

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