String of Hearts (Silver Glory)


Beautiful and VERY rare relative of the String of Hearts, ships in a nursery planter. You can up a size when you decide to re-pot it or when it is acclimated to your environment.

This SILVER GLORY is a ‘STARTER’ size rooted plant which is currently growing in a plastic pot. Your plant has several rooted strands with new growth. Some strands may be longer than others. You will receive a plant similar from the photo with some longer strings.

This ceropegia Woodii Silver Glory  likes bright indirect light for many hours a day (at least 12), and you should treat it a little bit like a succulent for their watering needs, but make sure you don’t leave it too dry for too long.  Make sure that the tubers are always covered with soil. You can bottom or top water it.

All care will always depend on your own environment. please adjust if necessary.



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