Callisia Repens “Pink Jewel” 4″


This little plant is a fast grower and very easy to propagate . The plant you will receive has been growing for a bit, it is becoming leggy, so it will be perfect for propagating. The plant in the photo is the one you will be receiving.


  • If you decide to propagate, use the strings with more green on them. Pink strings won’t propagate.
  • If you want a fuller plant, propagate several pieces and add them to the top once rooted.
  • Callisia Repens likes brigh indirect light, and watering once the top 2″ soil is dry. Try not to get it dry for extended periods of time because it appreciates a little bit more water during the hot season. You can mist your plant during the week to keep it happy if your home is too dry or air conditioned.

Ships semi bare root.

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