Pilea Glauca 3″

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Fast grower, easy, cute, etc. This is one of my favorite plants and it is because it grows like weed in summer and it is very simple to care for it.

This large plant is currently potted in a 4″ grower planter. You will receive a plant similar to the one in the photo.

  • Bright, indirect light. Too much direct light may burn the leaves.
  • Keep away from drafts or vents.
  • They prefer higher humidity.
  • Do not let them sit in water because they are prone to root rot.
  • Allow up to half or so of the pot’s soil to dry out, but don’t let it dry too much.
  • Cactus soil mix or a high draining soil mix.
  • Fertilize monthly through the growing season (usually spring and summer)

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