Heart Shaped Greeting Card


Send some love to your favorite people with these thoughtful cards, each has an inspirational quote that will make anybody smile.

Just pick one and add it as a message when you checkout.

The messages on the cards are the following:

1. I Carry Your Heart – e.e. cummings
2. Your Heart and My Heart – Hafiz
3. My Whole Heart
4. Courage, Dear Heart – C.S. Lewis
5. Love You X Forever
6. Every Day I Love You
7. I Have So Much – John Keats
8. Where There is Great Love – Willa Cather
9. Wherever You Go – Confucius
10. My Wish For You – Maya Angelou
11. No Beauty Shines Brighter
12. Bless You My Darling – Katherine Mansfield
13. You Make My Heart Happy
14. Heart of Gold
15. You’ll Never Know Dear
16. An Awake Heart – Hafiz
17. XOXO
18. Je T’aime
19. I Love You Much – e.e. cummings
20. For My Dear Friend
21. Count My Blessings
22. Carry Your Heart Through This World – Hafiz
23. At One Glance – Mihri Hatun
24. Thank You For Gracing – Richard Matheson
25. I Am Grateful – Mark Twain

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