Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen Box B


Actively growing Hoya cuttings and fully rooted, ready to be repotted in a larger planter or many smaller pots. This specific box was grown with perlite only. The box should have a minimum of 50 cuttings with two leaves and some larger cuttings growing more leaves.

If you need more photos or information please reach out to my email greenthumbvictoria@gmail.com or to my instagram @ruleofgreenthumb

Care guide:

  • Moderate amount of light. They can live near a window or under grow lights.
  • Water when they are completely dry .
  • They do best with temperatures between 55-60°F or higher.
  • Just over 40% humidity at home.
  • Fertilize once a month, during growth periods (warmer season).
  • The plant can easily be separated to re pot/ gift/ sell. 



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